Treadmills VS Ellipticals – Which one should I choose?

When it comes to cardiovascular health, the two machines that come first to our mind are Treadmills and Ellipticals. Both of them are phenomenal gymnastics workout machines which are aimed at reducing your weight and improving your cardiovascular health. They can also help you burn calories as well as enhance your aerobic ability. However, both of them have their own sets of pros and cons as well as individual purposes. Let’s compare them both on various fronts and see which one of them is better in what factors. This will help you choose a particular machine for workout or if you are looking to buy one of them, this can be a helpful guide. If you’re planning to buy an elliptical machine – you should refer to this list of best elliptical machines available in the market.


Treadmills VS Ellipticals – Which is the best?

There are various factors we need to consider to be able to make a fair comparison. The benefits of the machines are great but there are a few things which each machine lacks. Comparing the major points for both of them will help us in concluding which is the better option among the both.

Variations of Workouts

When it comes to variety of workouts available in both the machine, the treadmill seems to be a better option. There are various types of adjustments which you can make in a treadmill to tweak your workout. You can make the treadmill incline, change the speed and do many other things to make the workout more intense. The number of options available for the elliptical is a bit less. Thus, if you are looking for variety, the treadmill is great for you. You can alternatively go for a treadmill, and for that you need to choose your treadmill wisely.

Calorie Burn

Most of the people use these machines to burn calories and they are right about the high calorie burn rate provided by both the machines. A popular research claims that if you run or jog on a treadmill for an hour, you can burn around 800 calories. For the same time span, if you workout on an elliptical you can burn around 770 calories. Both the machines provide almost the same calorie burn rate and thus can be used effectively to reduce weight.

Difficulty Level

Although difficulty can be at times associated with the impact it has on our body. Sometimes, machines can be difficult without providing us with the essential benefits they are meant to. Running or jogging on treadmills can be difficult for many people as it requires a great amount of stamina. On the other hand, the difficulty level of the elliptical is considerably less when compared to a treadmill. Since an elliptical machine is less difficult, many people prefer it to burn calories over running on a treadmill.

Weight Bearing Effect

Running is a natural activity and it uses our body weight to let us exercise effectively. This weight bearing effect can be beneficial to our body in a lot of ways. It can help strengthen our muscles as well as bones. Also, it will enhance your posture as well as improve stability since you are carrying out a natural activity as part of your exercise. All this benefits can’t be achieved through an elliptical machine as they have very less weight bearing effect. It can also be an advantage from the perspective of causing less injury.


No matter which exercise you do, safety should be your top most priority. We exercise for the betterment of our health and if we injure ourselves in the process, there is no point in it. A treadmill can be dangerous for amateurs as they may find it daunting the first time. Even high intensity workouts can lead to unfortunate mishaps on the treadmill. Although the safety factor for an elliptical trainer is better people can experience issues with it too if they don’t carry out the exercises properly.

The Last Words

As we have seen, both the machines are equally great and each one of them is leading in a certain factor. The best way to choose from either of them would be to make your priority clear and then consider which one suits your needs in the best way. If we compare the overall factors for both the machines, the treadmill wins by a slight margin. However, you can make your own choice based on the parameters that matter to you.

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